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Never lose your cards again with this stylish RFID Block leather card holder.

The all-new RFID Photo and Card Holder provides a secure repository for cards, paper and even coins.

This product is made of 100% high quality leather and has a fashionable style. It has up to 9 perfectly streamlined compartments to protect your card from scratches and unwanted contact extra space to keep your other papers and coins safe while you're on the move. Worried about information theft through Radio Frequency Identification? This fantastic card holder will protect your card safely from such interference.

RFID Leather Card Holder


  • stylish
  • Original high quality leather
  • 9 compartments
  • 2 coin pockets
  • Flat and comfortable in the bag
  • Prevents the ingress of radio interference
  • Lightweight and very durable


x1 RFID leather card holder

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