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This cake cutter is the indispensable cutting tool for parties, Christmas, birthdays or just when you need your sugarfix!

Pela - Cut Cakes Evenly - Ozerty

Pela is the perfect tool to have when slicing round cakes. No more messy slice and serve your cake evenly.

Why is a Pela cake cutter super useful?

  • It’s always amazing to be served with a perfectly sliced cake. 
  • This cake cutter is designed to slice cakes easily and evenly so no more messy plates when you serve your favourite cakes at your parties. 
  • It can also hold the sliced cake so you can easily transfer each slice on a serving plate.
  • This product is also perfect for coffee shops, bakeries and pastry stores.
Pela - Cut Cakes Evenly - Ozerty



  • Speed - Cut your cake easily and evenly.
  • Non-stick coating - The cake parts will slip without a hitch and you can wash it without difficulty.
  • Dishwasher safe - You can put it in the dishwasher.
  • No sharp edges - Can be used by the little ones.
  • Quality - Made of durable plastic that lasts in time. 


How easy it is to use Pela cake slicer?

  • To use it is nothing more simple, put it on the cake or pie, press down to make even parts and pinch to take it
  • Simply adjust marker to desired number of slices, press against finished cake - leaving imprint of perfectly divided slices 
Pela - Cut Cakes Evenly - Ozerty

What’s included?

  • X1 Pela - Cake Cutter

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