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Organize and reach your products easily with this new generation Tray.

Really easy to use, just put the products you need to organise on the tray and rotate to reach products you need.

Innovative design, convenient and safe to take seasoning or fruits. 

2 different capacities available:  22 cm or 30 cm in diameter, which can be used to store various types of items. 

Very practical, you can carry it from a room to another with the two side handle design!

  • Place unlimited type of items ! 
  • Two side handle design, to carry all your things where you want.
  • Easy and fast to use, just a smooth and quick rotation.
  • Rotation system 360 degrees.

Innovative design for multi function use !

Store daily use product to reach them easily 

Store unlimited type of products from bottles, oil, fresh fruits and vegetables and more...

Characteristics :

  • L Size: diam. 22 cm/ h 6.7cm.
  • S Size: diam. 30 cm/ h 10cm.
  • Material: PS + TPR.
  • Color: White gray
  • L Weight: 550g.
  • S Weight: 290g.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Multi-Function rotary storage tray from the size of your choice

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